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If the Emergency Card, Student Handbook, and Lunch Applications are not completed, your child may not participate in certain class activities and/or field trips.

Please set up your Parent Portal. The Parent Portal will follow your child all the way through High School, so it is very important to remember your password and become familiar with everything that is in your portal.

 Once your Parent Portal is activated, go to the menu on the left side and click on the Forms sub menu which will bring you to the Forms page. Please complete any Available forms that are listed. The Beginning of School Student Information Update and Information Handbook Signoffs are two forms that will need to be completed.

 The Beginning of School Student Information Update is your child’s Emergency Card and needs to be completed thoroughly.

Directions to activate Parent Portal:

Go to:

  1. Select the green Create Account button

  2. Complete the Fields

  • First Name (Must match name on file.)

  • Last name (Must match name on file.)

  • Email Address (This will become your username.)

  • Phone Number

  • Access Code (Find the access key highlighted on the attached slip.)

  • Password: Please use a password that is known only to you. 

  • Confirm Password: Must match.

  1. Submit

Congratulations! You are registered.


Note: The next time you go to the portal, you will use the blue login button. Put in the email address you used to create the account and the password.


Lunch Applications also need to be submitted from (Online Meal Application is on the Parent Portal login page) or